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It’s no secret that we approach lashes a little differently than most. Our techniques are based on safe, artfully designed, skillfully applied, semi-permanent lash extensions. Our courses are specifically curated to provide every trainee with our unique skill set, expertise, signature techniques and all of our insider tips.


Artisan Lash Courses 2021:

 Classic Lash Artistry | Two Day Course

 Classic Artistry Workshop | One Day Course

 Volume Lash Artistry | Two Day Course

 Volume Artistry Workshop | One Day Course

Virtual Courses Available Upon Request

  • What are lash extensions?
    Lash extensions are an advanced eyelash enhancement technique that extends the length and increases fullness by applying faux mink lashes to a single natural lash. We customize every set based on a few key components such as eye shape, facial structure, lash health and lifestyle, to curate a beautiful set of lashes that compliment your overall appearance.
  • Are lash extensions safe?
    Yes, when applied properly by a licensed, trained professional—lash extensions are extremely safe. Our precise technique paired with proper aftercare, ensures optimal lash health.
  • How long will my lash extensions last?
    The longevity of your lash extensions are based on a few key factors: How well you follow aftercare instructions and how often you schedule fills or touch-ups, the length of your natural lash growth cycle, your skin type and makeup routine. With proper aftercare and regular fills or touch-ups, lash extensions can potentially last indefinitely. Fills or touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks.
  • How long will my lash appointment(s) take?
    Appointment times vary depending on the service selected. Fullset appointments are typically 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours. Keratin treatments are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please see our Services to find out specific appointment times/durations. All initial appointments include a brief client intake questionnaire and consultation within the allotted time.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment(s) and what should I expect?
    Great question! We strongly suggest arriving to every appointment on-time with squeaky clean lashes; free of all makeup, moisturizers and natural oils. Try to avoid coffee & caffeine consumption within 4 hours of your appointment. Come prepared to relax and be pampered for the full duration of your appointment time. Some guests bring along earphones to enjoy their favorite audible, music, or podcast while relaxing.
  • Will lash extensions hurt or be uncomfortable?
    No; when properly applied, lash extensions are painless and shouldn’t cause any discomfort, during application and daily wear. Your lash extensions should feel soft, flexible and virtually weightless.
  • What type of lashes do you use?
    We carry a large variety of hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free faux mink lashes. Our collection includes lengths 6mm-16mm; curls B, C, CC, D, L and L+, in diameters .03 up to .18. All of our lashes and adhesives are of the highest quality available. We do not carry authentic mink fur lashes, as their curl, color, diameters and lengths are unreliable and are highly allergenic.
  • Who are lash extensions for?
    We service a variety of women and men of all ages, occupations and lifestyles that desire professional, luxe lash services performed by a highly trained professional. Although lash extensions are typically for anyone that desires longer, fuller, beautiful lashes, there are a few exceptions. If one or more of the following applies to you, you may not be a good candidate for lash extensions: • You’re unable to properly follow required aftercare instructions and maintain routine fills or touch-ups as recommended. • You have severely damaged or very parse natural lashes. Extensions must be applied directly to your natural lashes, so without lashes to apply to, extensions are not an option. Damaged and/or sparse lashes may still be eligible for extensions, with proper rehab and/or the use of growth serums. If you’re uncertain, we suggest scheduling a Virtual Consultation prior to your initial appointment. • You rub, pull or pick at your eyes/lashes frequently; due to allergies or habit. • You have very sensitive skin that typically reacts to skincare, makeup and other lash enhancements. • You’re unable to relax and lay comfortably on your back for the duration of your service.
  • Can I get my lash extensions wet?
    Absolutely! Lash extension adhesives and our knowledge surrounding them has come a long way; we now know that with proper application and curing, lash extensions are able to get wet immediately after service.
  • How should I care for my lash extensions?
    This is the most important question of them all… After your initial set of lash extensions you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to protect and maintain your investment. They mainly include daily cleansing (also after every swim, workout and tears) with a foam lash cleanser, daily brushing with a lash wand, avoiding oils, mascaras and liners, avoiding rubbing, pulling and directly sleeping on your face/lash extensions.
  • What are lash fills and how often should I get them?
    Simply put, lash fills are touch-up appointments, recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain lash health, your desired look, design and fullness. You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to properly care for your lash extensions and recommendations on how often routine fills should be scheduled, based on your aftercare, lifestyle, lash cycle and skin type. Ideally, fills require significantly less time and are less costly. You’re eligible for a fill up to 4 weeks after your last appointment, as long as you’ve retained ATLEAST 40% of your lash extensions. After 4 weeks, the majority of your remaining lash extensions will have grown out and you’ll need a fullset.
  • Can I remove my lash extensions?
    Lash extension removals should always be performed by a trained professional. We use a high quality cream solvent to break down the adhesive bonds to remove them painlessly and without damaging your natural lashes. Select Lash Removal from our Services to schedule.
  • Can I wear mascara and eyeliner with lash extensions?
    Mascara and/or eyeliners are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. Even with regular cleansing, mascara and eyeliner embed into the lash line making it very difficult to remove; resulting in premature shedding and less than optimal wear time. If mascara and/or eyeliner is worn on bottom lashes, we suggest thoroughly removing with an oil-free makeup remover on a daily basis, in addition to your normal aftercare routine.
  • What is a lash lift and/or lash tint?
    A keratin lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled, up-right lashes with added definition and/or color, resulting in a darker, bolder appearance. Lash lifts can be paired with or without a lash tint, depending on desired results. It's the perfect alternative to lash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results, 6 to 8 weeks. We are professionally trained and certified in the world renowned Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift technique.
  • Can I bring a guest or child to my lash appointment?
    Please come to your appointment alone and ready to relax. Your eyes will remain closed for the duration of the appointment, leaving guests and children unattended, as you’ll have your artists' undivided attention.


A 2-day foundation course designed for new artists interested in learning the art of classic lashes. Includes Artisan Lash Manual, Live Model Practice, Professional Kit, Certification, Lifetime Mentorship & Support.



A 1-day refresher workshop designed for experienced artists interested in strengthening your foundation and advancing in classic artistry. lncludes Artisan Lash Manual, Live Model Practice, Professional Mini Kit, Certification, Lifetime Mentorship & Support.




• Licensed Esthetician

• Classic Lash Certified

• Maven Volume I Certified

• Maven Volume II Mastery Certified

• Elleebana Lash Lift Certified

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